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    • 4 hours of sleep, 3 coffees, 2 outfits & ready for my first ever #coutureweek show! YALLA 💃🏼 @thepeninsulaparis @peninsulahotels #peninsulaparis #penmoments // 📸: @johnhassen
    • Just got to Paris & walking off the hot chocolate from Cafe Angelina 🏃🏻‍♂️
    • Spent the afternoon in my favorite part of Dubai, Al Fahidi in Old Dubai! Loved the architecture, cafes and the shopping here ! @mydubai #mydubai
    • Should I take these Jacquemus heels to Paris with me tonight?!!!
    • This day in #KARLLAGERFELDPARIS swim ❤️ #ad
    • Dressed like a lady in Dubai 💁🏻‍♀️ (details on the blog)
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    best nighttime fragrances, gucci guilty, new gucci guilty, red evening dress, going out look | TSARIN.COM

    As a stylist, I know that there’s a lot that goes into an outfit, from the makeup down to the shoes, especially when you’re out to impress someone. The one ingredient that never fails to put a finishing touch on a night out look…

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