Winter Accessories, chunky scarf by Tania Sarin | TSARIN.COM
Winter Accessories, chunky scarf by Tania Sarin | TSARIN.COM
Winter Accessories, chunky scarf by Tania Sarin | TSARIN.COM

Winter Accessories, chunky scarf by Tania Sarin | TSARIN.COM

Colder days are upon us and there’s no better way to cozy up than with my favorite winter accessories. Believe it or not, the evenings and mornings in sunny LA get cold enough for layers. And since my winter wardrobe does not stop at coats and sweaters, I’ve decided to partner with one of my favorite fashion retailers, Macy’s, to share the winter accessories I always have on hand during the colder season. Macy’s is one of my favorite places to shop for winter accessories because I’m always able to find stylish and functional styles at virtually every price point. This also makes gift shopping so much easier. I know that I can grab something for myself, but also pick up a few gifts for friends and family in the process. If you’re currently building out your cold weather wardrobe, here are the must have accessories to have at all times.

Chunky Scarf

A chunky, oversized scarf is one of my favorite winter accessories ever because it always makes me look bundled and chic. Scarves are so much fun since you can wrap it around your neck in interesting ways – and it never fails to put a cozy finishing touch on casual or formal outfits. Little details like tassels, fringe, or print also add a cool texture a layered look. I’m partial to neutral colors like black, navy, or gray as they’re the most versatile to wear. The one I’m wearing is by Steve Madden, so it’s super affordable and doubles up as a scarf or wrap!

Winter Accessories, chunky scarf by Tania Sarin | TSARIN.COM
Winter Accessories, chunky scarf by Tania Sarin | TSARIN.COM


It’s not everyday that you’ll catch me in a hat but I do love a good beanie that conceals bad hair days while keeping my head and ears warm. This season, there are plenty of trendy toppers to try such as berets, fedoras, and baker boy hats, which all add a chic touch even in the chilliest weather.


Over winter, I’m usually traveling between many frigid cities like New York City and Paris – and it is hard to survive with bare hands. From cashmere gloves to winter tech-friendly styles, it’s possible to keep your hands warm and on trend all winter long. Tech-friendly versions are key for me since I usually have to be on my phone and it can be painful operating a touchscreen phone with traditional gloves.


No winter wardrobe is complete without a pair of winter-proof boots whether it’s a comfy chelsea boot, dressier heeled bootie – or both. Whenever I’m wearing a more casual outfit such as jeans and a tee (as seen here), I like to add pair of sleek pointed heel boots to dress it up just a bit. The details on this pair of DKNY’s are so subtle, which are also great for dressing down. (You can shop more of my favorite boot options here!)

Winter Accessories, chunky scarf by Tania Sarin | TSARIN.COM


Eyewear is often thought of as a key summer accessory, but I find that the fall and winter solstice demands eye protection too. From small frames to large, sunglasses make a layered look appear cooler than it feels. Plus, with the holidays upon us, it’s my favorite way to cover up exhausted – or even jet-lagged eyes.

Tights or Leggings

My last favorite winter accessory is tights or leggings which I can layer under pants or dresses. One of the best ways to survive a brutal winter is layering up in ways most people can’t detect. I’m not so much of a chunky sock girl but a pair of leather leggings make skirts and dresses wearable in the winter. Fleece lined leggings are so great for throwing under jeans.

What are your favorite winter accessories?

This post is written in sponsorship with Macy’s. All opinions are my own.

Winter Accessories, chunky scarf by Tania Sarin | TSARIN.COM
Winter Accessories, chunky scarf by Tania Sarin | TSARIN.COM

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    Always so chic <3

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    Looking so chic and gorgeous – adore the jacket and boots!
    Some of my favourite winter accessories include a chunky black scarf, definitely some sunglasses and some neck scarves to dress up an oversized knit!

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