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Wildfox just launched their first fragrance!  The scent is youthful, fun and dream with a hint of jasmine and honeysuckle.  This scent has been my go-to for NYFW and it’s been a hit! I’ve been stopped a number of times on the street and my favorite thing about it is that it stays on all day – perfect for this week since I am running around town from 9 – 10 pm pretty much everyday. It also dries down a lot warmer and muskier than I thought it would, but because of the jasmine and honeysuckle, it’s still a bit sweet.  Besides the dreamy scent the Wildfox packaging is so damn cute, it would make the perfect present for your best friend or be a great addition to your vanity or a flat lay for instagram 😉  The Wildfox fragrance collection is now available at Sephora.

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