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The country of Morocco is located on the northern tip of Africa with it’s borders along the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea. Before making the trip to Marrakech, I truly did not know what to expect. Let me tell you, I was in awe beyond my belief. The food, culture, art, and places to go were out of this world! To begin my TS Travel Guide series, I knew that kicking it off with Morocco was the perfect way to start. My TS Travel Guides will always give you the best insider knowledge on must try restaurants to eat at, best places to experience the culture and art, things you must do in town, and (obviously) the best places to shop!

Trendy Restaurants:

The food in Morocco is rich in spices like cumin and turmeric with many different layers of complimenting flavors. My favorite things I tried while abroad was the Tagine and their traditional Cous Cous. A few must try restaurants are:

Azar – Chic and upscale Lebanese restaurant that is perfect for a night out to dinner.

Comptoir Darna –  Super fun Moroccan Food Restaurant that has belly dancers and live entertainment. I had the best time of my life here! The owner of this restaurant, Tom, was absolutely GORGEOUS and super sweet. Once we got connected to him, he made sure to take care of us the entire trip!

Bo zin – Restaurant / Bar that is perfect to go to after a dinner with both indoor and outdoor vibes. The type of crowd this place drew was sort of an elitist crowd that is super social making things fun!

Royal Mansur Hotel and Manmounia Hotel – These hotels are a must see. They highlight the beauty that Marrakech has to offer. I love visiting other hotels to see what it is like, and grabbing lunch at the is the perfect excuse to go to a hotel you are not staying at!

Fun Things To Do:

With Morocco being the culture rich country it is, there were numerous things to do in terms of tourism, art, and immersing yourself into the African culture. Most of my stay was in Marrakech, but there are many things to do outside of Marrakech as well. Below are the must do things in Marrakesh / surrounding Marrakech!

Camel Ride – The best places to ride camels are Scarbeo Camp and the Desert and Palm Grove. I did not get a chance to go to Scarbeo Camp, but it is one of the most popular ones out there! I had an amazing time at the Desert and Palm Grove Camel Ride. The camels were treated so nicely, and we got to ride amidst the natural groves, and stopped in the Berber village for snacks and tea.

The Medina – This is the main place where the Souk (little traditional street market) is. This is the PERFECT place to go for the day with a bunch of your girlfriends trying all new local foods, and buying local goods. There were these beautiful handmade rugs that I almost bought three of along with allllll of the handcrafted and painted plates I could get my hands on. We also tried a restaurant (Nomad Marrakech) in the Medina that was super delicious. There are so many restaurants near the Souk that give you the perfect “local” experience of Morocco. With the local experience, I would say that you MUST be aware at all times. Remember that you are in a public space, and keep your personal belongings close to you. (Better to be safe than sorry!)

Marjorelle Garden – Undoubtedly one of the most popular tourist destinations I attended, but for GOOD reason. This place was pure magic! Imagine: bold colors slathered all over intricately decorated buildings while numerous types of plants surrounding the grounds from the ground to the sky with the sound of fountains constantly running.

YSL Museum – This place was an honor to simply be in the presence of. Yves Saint Laurent was considered a legend in the artistic and fashion world. This museum simply highlights the history of most of Yves Saint Laurent’s masterpieces. Walking through the museum felt as if I was walking through the mind of him. We were not allowed to take any photos inside, but this place really helped me live in the moment, and truly enjoy the beauty of the art I was immersing myself in. Super inspiring. It is a must see!

Rasputin – This is my favorite club I attended in Morocco! Super chill ambiance with the best drinks, music, and dancing. I had so much fun with my girls at this club. Everyone in Marrakech is super nice, and welcoming. If you travel with a small group, don’t fret. It is so easy to make friends here!



  1. Be prepared to take a cab, or get a private car service for the day. There is no Uber or Lyft there.
  2. Always carry cash on you! (But not too much!)
  3. You must always be aware of your surroundings! Keep your personal items close.
  4. Layer layer layer! Even though I went in December, the weather was still pretty warm. However, it is best to layer multiple thin layers to keep the strong sun and sand and winds off of your skin!


Who knew that Morocco would become my ABSOLUTE favorite place on earth?! Will be back again. Very soon.



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