Bold Red Lips | TSARIN.COM | Date Night Makeup
Bold Red Lips | TSARIN.COM | Date Night Makeup
Bold Red Lips | TSARIN.COM | Date Night Makeup

Bold Red Lips | TSARIN.COM | Date Night Makeup

I ain’t always about that bold lip life, but this past weekend was special because it was #NationalLipstickDay! I 100% agree that red lips are a classic makeup look that everyone loves, but it isn’t always intuitive to pull off. There are days when I’m really into this look, which is usually date nights or sophisticated dinners with luxe fashion brands, and then days where I prefer a bare lip. Red lips are of course harder to master, and lucky me, I’ve got it down to a formula. If you’re still figuring out how to pull off bold red lips, follow my tips!

1. Get serious about your base

The first step for me is always about my base; in other words, my skin and complexion. I aim for plump, hydrated skin with a soft luminous glow, but nothing too dewy because this look is about the bold red lips. I’ve shared some of my favorite base products in this post so you can get more details there. But basically, I try to keep my foundation layer thin so my skin shines through. Then, I add a bit of concealer as needed and powder very lightly in the t-zone. I keep this step very simple, quick, and natural.

2. Groomed brows are essential

Next, my eyebrows are priority. Nothing frames bold red lips better than groomed, defined brows. Mine are naturally dark so I add only a bit of definition around the arch – nothing too thick or thin. If you like to fill yours in more, remember to comb out the harsh edges.

3. Go barely there on the eyes

I’m pretty sure everyone knows this rule, but if you’re rocking bold red lips, go easy on the eyes. Some people love a winged liner, but I like a simpler approach. I skip eyeliner on the lid altogether and apply a shimmery wash of color. I love how this pairs with thick bold lashes. To intensify the eyes, I apply mascara on the top and bottom lashes, and I line the bottom waterline with a flesh tone or white eyeliner. This helps open up the eyes, making them appear wider and brighter.

4. Prep the lips

If you know you’re going to wear a bold red lips, you must prep it with a scrub and lip balm (love this set). This will help prevent dryness and peeling, which is only exacerbated with a bold color. Besides, softer, plump lips will make you feel more confident about wearing a bold color.

5. Pick your color

Picking the right red for your skin tone can be tricky. My skin is obviously on the warm side, so I love how a fiery red-orange color complements it. Cooler undertones might want to try blue-reds or something slightly warmer to balance out the cooler tones. My best advice is head to your local beauty shop and grab some samples or try them on in stores.

That’s pretty much it for my bold lips look. If you have any budge-proof brands you swear by or tips for longer wear, don’t be greedy – share them in the comments below!

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Bold Red Lips | TSARIN.COM | Date Night Makeup

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