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I’ve made it to Toronto guys! And while I had some downtime I wanted to share some tips on how to pack your carry on for fashion week. I’ve decided to cut my fashion week adventures a little shorter this year since I have a lot of cool things happening but still didn’t want to miss out on my favorite shows! As you guys can imagine, this is a super stressful time of the year for anyone working in the industry because everything between events, shows, picking the right outfit, meetings, and showroom appointments are packed into one day. Having attended many seasons now, this is something that I have become familiar with. So I’m sharing some of my go-to tips and essentials to help you navigate packing for fashion week – or month.

Hero Pieces

Any fashion week attendee knows that you always show up with a few hero pieces that stand out in an outfit. My style is a little minimalistic, edgy, and moody, but I still like to add one or two major trends to my look to make it pop. Plus, we know the more daring the better. Some of the ways I like to do that are:

Prints – Always consider what prints are trending and how you can incorporate it into your outfit. This year, leopard is THE PRINT, so I’m expecting to see lots of it – and lots of street style themes around it. Whether or not I’m jumping on the bandwagon, you shall find out 😉

Color – Next, some color will always take the cake. Red and pink color blocking have been making big appearances these last FW seasons. For a twist on this show-goer favorite, I’m predicting lots of fuchsia and pink or red.

Metallic – Magazines have been talking a lot about metallics lately and it is a trend that comes and go. As it’s been on the rise lately, there are tons of cool ways to make your outfit cool with liquid metal.

Accessories – Finally, consider trending accessories. White boots have been around forever now but there are no signs of it slowing down, so I predict we’ll still a huge focus here – that along with chunky sneakers and for a newer and trendier style, plaid boots.


I hate overpacking but have a bad habit of doing so! I’ve learned over the seasons to have essentials on hand that I will wear whether it’s in combo with something listed above or for comfy, off-duty styles. Here they are:

Bottoms – Jeans, wide leg pants, cropped trousers, and joggers. I always need to have one of each in my carry on – joggers maybe more for travel but definitely jeans for everything in between.

Tops – Casual tees, knits, and button downs that can be worn with jeans or used to tone down crazy statement pieces. The last thing I want to happen is being stuck with something I don’t want to wear. Basic tops always come to the rescue at some point or another.

Outerwear – Fashion week in September isn’t a time to fret about outerwear but the right layering piece can make or break an outfit. I like to have blazers and lightweight utility styles on hand.


If you’re more of a basic dresser, leave it to accessories to be that hero item.

Handbags – Bags like anything else on this list have their own “it status”. Figure out what those few bags are for you and bring them, but don’t overpack. I hate overhauling bags because you also risk damaging the shape or scratching them.

Sunglasses – Late nights and early mornings can often leave your eyes tired. Sunglasses come in handy to conceal them. Also, the herd of street style photographers can be intimidating. Sunglasses also help in this arena. Plus, it’s just a cool, mysterious accessory.

Shoes – This can be the biggest pain to pack but the most important element of a look. I don’t go too crazy here because they’re heavy to carry – 4-5 pairs are sufficient. Think sneakers, boots, and a dressier heel just in case.


Of course we can’t forget beauty. I personally love clean makeup and beautiful skin, so here’s what I pack:

Makeup – Bronzer and highlighters are two items that bring life into anyone’s face. I swear by Tom Ford’s bronzer and a Dior highlighter. For the evening, a bold lip and full lashes are all I need. I keep my makeup selections to a minimum.

Skincare – When I’m stressed, my skin gets stressed, so I always make sure to have masks, acne-fighting products (like Caudalie’s new serum), and moisturizers on hand.

Haircare – I generally like to keep my hair super smooth and clean but there are some key products in making it happen. I love this set by Ouai!\

Putting it all Together

Finally, before making your final selects, plan 3-4 outfits you love and know will wear. These are your go-tos for high-profile events where there will be lots of photographers. Take photos of them, save them into a folder so that when the crazy starts, you’re not frantic and running all over the place. Ask your fashion friends for feedback if you’re feeling stuck – we all need it sometimes.

How do you pack your carry-on for fashion week?

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