Fall to Winter Skincare: OLAY WHIPS


This post is sponsored by Olay, but all opinions are my own.

As the seasons change, our beauty regimens should also change. If you wouldn’t wear your winter shade of foundation during the summer, then why would you be moisturizing your skin the same way all year round?  It is just important to switch up your skincare regimen as the seasons change. The moment our skin is exposed to a temperature of 53.6 degrees Fahrenheit or below, it immediately feels the effects of dry and itchy skin in this colder weather.

LA blogger Tania Sarin using Olay Whips

LA blogger Tania Sarin using Olay Whips

Whenever I notice my skin is being affected by the weather, my first thought is to incorporate more moisture enhancing products to combat any dryness by excessively moisturizing it with thick creams that will lock in the moisture. Over and over, I would take all the steps to moisturize my skin doing whatever it takes. Even though that seemed like a good idea at the time, I end up clogging my pores, and breaking out. When Olay reached out to me to partner up, I was ecstatic when I found out that they created such a genius collection: Olay Whips. Olay Whips was made to work and feel differently on your skin. In the collection, there are three moisturizers that are very similar yet different; Regenerist, Total Effects, and Luminous.

Instead of using a sticky and thick moisturizer that clogs your pores, Olay Whips have proven to feel much lighter on my skin.  I am using the Regenerist Whip that feels really lightweight and by the am my skin feels firm and the fine lines are filled in! I feel all of the same moisture a thick cream can give to me while not clogging my pores! Instead I have been left with instant skin brightening, firmer skin, and an amazingly smooth and even base for my foundation.

LA blogger Tania Sarin using Olay Whips


LA blogger Tania Sarin using Olay Whips

I have been using this product all winter, and I am obsessed! With it’s active rush technology, it holds all of the moisture within the product, and then the moment it comes in contact with your skin it hydrates and absorbs immediately. My skin has stayed clearer than it has ever been this winter, and most importantly the most hydrated it has ever been. This product blew my mind. While this product nourishes my skin, in turn my pores have remained smaller, skin feels firmer, and has evened out my skin tone appearance. Olay Whips is my favorite product discovery this winter, and I will definitely be purchasing this one again.


LA blogger Tania Sarin using Olay Whips

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