Step Your Dinner Party Game Up With These Effortless Upgrades

LA Blogger Tania Sarin displaying interior design and don julio drink ideas for a tequila themed party

Recently I have been really into throwing dinner parties with my friends. From the planning, to the shopping, to the execution of it, it is all super fun! A couple weeks ago, I decided to throw a Taco Tuesday party with all of my closest friends. Since we are all so busy, It is really hard for all of us to get together on weekend – ironically. I figured a mid week Taco Tuesday party would be my best bet since everyone would be done with work, and have no events to attend. I went to Crate & Barrel and West Elm to buy all of the serving platters, bowls, and plates. (Give me any excuse to buy household items, and I am there.) In all seriousness, I love all of the dish ware I purchased, and will definitely reuse them for future parties! To be honest, this particular Taco Tuesday was catered by El Nopal in Los Angeles. If I had the time to make the tacos, I would have, but I was back to back on meetings this day as well. The tacos were SO delicious!

If you are going to throw a dinner party, these three simple things will make it seem as if you threw the most epic dinner party with minimal effort. First off, going to a store (Crate & Barrel, West Elm, Homegoods, etc) to buy at least one affordable serving dish will make the flat lay look organized af. Second, adding flowers to your flat lay will give it a pop of color, and tie the whole table together. Plus, you can buy tiny arrangements that are super affordable. I got my beautiful flowers from Avant Garden in Los Angeles! Last of all, when you make drinks, look into recipes on Pinterest that can make them stand out! With any Taco Tuesday, you should expect margaritas and tequila on deck. To step it up, we made Grapefruit + Jalepeno Margaritas & Regular Margaritas with fresh cucumbers in them, and of course my favorite tequila brand – Don Julio! My friends LOVED them. Simple, affordable, and effortless add-ons can make memorable differences to your dinner parties! 

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    This looks so tasty!! I love the pictures you have taken, these are so inspiring!

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