3 Tips for Shopping Vintage


I always get a chuckle when a magazine or blog declares vintage a trend. Trend? Really? Trends come and go — vintage treasures are forevuh! I wouldn’t call myself an expert on every decade or designer, but I love learning about the legacies of iconic fashion houses and the incredible style moments of the past.

Vintage shopping isn’t the same as thrifting. When you walk into a vintage boutique the items are curated, cared for, and priced accordingly. It can be a bit intimidating if you’re used to thrifting and getting a bargain, but you can still find exceptional things for cheaper than they’d be at current retail prices. Plus there’s just something about a vintage piece when it has a story and has that broken in look. Ya know what I mean?

If you’re looking to get into vintage shopping and want a little advice before you cash out, here are my tips for vintage shopping.

1. Be Open to Change

Try to look at every vintage piece with a designer’s eye. More often than not you’ll need some alterations – a hem here, a repair there, no big deal. If something looks great off the rack, great! But more often than not a vintage piece is going to need some tweaks to get the right fit.

2. Do Your Research

Sites like will give you a fair representation of how much high end vintage designer items are selling for. You can also check The Real Real, Rebag, Bella Bag, and What Goes Around Comes Around (where I got this super chic vintage Fendi blouse.)

3. Take Risks

I’ve found my best vintage when I allowed myself to think outside the box. Forget about whats hot now, replicating trends, or which brand is poppin’ right now and really let yourself explore.

More and more we’re seeing designers look to their own vintage archives for inspiration for current runway shows. That only proves that vintage silhouettes and prints are truly timeless… and that everything old is new again 😉

LA blogger wearing vintage fendi from What goes around and gigi barcelona glasses

Top: Fendi from What Goes Around Comes Around

Pants: Philip Lim

Shoes: And Other Stories

Sunglasses: Gigi Barcelona

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