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In my years of styling and running a blog, I’ve learned that there are a few timeless items that make you look expensive. You guys usually see me in a mix of urban and street outfits but I know what elevates a look when the situation calls for it. If you want to step up your style game, get my timeless closet must-haves below. There are only 4 main ingredients to looking expensive and I love that there’s no huge investment required.


Blazers are like my best friend guys! I wear them in so many ways…with a bralette or crop top, buttoned and belted at the waist, or as a top in itself. I like to change it up but it def looks the most classy and upscale without anything under except a low cut bra. When in doubt, wear white because it always looks high class.

Tailored Pants

Tailored pants are my jam. I don’t care if it’s cropped, high-waisted, wide leg or what. The pant leg changes everything. I have been into wide leg silhouettes lately and they always look like a million bucks (that’s why I have so many).


Heels are one of a kind pieces that elevate an entire look. I love my sneakers and I’ll wear mule loafers all day, but I’ll never give up heels when it comes to expensive looking outfits. I love pointed toe pumps and strappy little numbers because they improve your posture and that makes a world of impact.

Structured Clutch

I believe in the power of a bag. I don’t mind splurging on a statement bag like a Louis Vuitton print because it will last me through the seasons and it gets better with time. Structured totes and satchels are also perfect choices, but clutches usually look more sophisticated.

There goes 4 easy and timeless items that make you look expensive anytime! What are some of your favorite pieces for keeping it classy?

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    So chic! x

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