Rooftop with Topshop

LA blogger Tania Sarin in NY Magazine with top shop hoodie

This is in collaboration with The Cut and TOPSHOP available at Nordstrom.

I woke up around 7 today, and decided to head to a quick meeting at verve cafe.I ended up seeing every blogger/influencer taking photos of their coffee or Flight juice shots haha. I came back real quick and put together the outfits I was planning on shooting and headed over to Downtown to shoot with one of my photographers, Karen Rosalie. I wanted to choose something that I would wear anyway and looking through my closet I decided to go with a TOPSHOP dress. To add that trendy twist I decided to throw on a fun black TOPSHOP sweater with silver hardware. I love this sweater because its oversized stature makes it super on trend but paired with the dress it created a great look! While getting ready I kept in mind that I was headed to an event in the evening. To no surprise I didn’t have time to change after the shoot so wearing the dress under the sweater was the easiest!


After a long, exhausting day of shooting, I touched up my makeup in my car for an exciting fashion event at the London Hotel rooftop. The rooftop is always a fun time and I love being able to go there and celebrate fashion with my closest friends and people just as passionate as me in the industry. Being able to look out into the beautiful LA city skyline I have some of my greatest memories here. I took my sweatshirt off and put on a pair of TOPSHOP sandals for a classy evening look. It was the best decision I made because it transformed from day and night so effortlessly. I was so thankful in that moment and the look ended up being perfect for a rooftop event. It looked lovely in photos and walking into  London hotel lobby I was so excited to showcase this dress. It’s amazing design makes it by far one of my favorite places to shoot!

You can find the article for this look here on The cut.

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