Effortlessly Elevate Your Oversized Hoodie


Oversized hoodies have been a long time staple in every single person’s closet at some point in their lives. There is nothing better than getting into a pair of sweats, and an oversized hoodie when getting home from a long day. Recently, oversized hoodies have been in the upswing over the past few months. Initially, I was a bit skeptical about the upswing of wearing these closet classics in public. However, I am never one to say no when it comes to pushing the boundaries of fashion – especially when it has to do with oversized hoodies.


There are so many different ways to wear an oversized hoodie other than with jeans, your go to sneakers, and oversized sunnies. I picked ten of my favorite oversized hoodies that you can style with a chic blazer or jacket that you can pair with trousers or joggers to achieve a more sophisticated, edgy, and effortless look. In 2018, it is clear to me that you do not have to be confined in the comfort of your own home while wearing an oversized hoodie. You can easily keep it going in your wardrobe rotation, and get away with this look more times than you would like to admit throughout the week. 😉

With the addition of oversized hoodies into our wardrobe rotation, you can easily dress any look up or down and day to night. Oversized hoodies are outrageously comfortable, and are the definition of #cozyvibes. So it is a total win when you can afford to swap out your sporty-chic sneakers for structured booties to hit the night out in town. All of your friends will be envious of your effortlessly elevated look during your night out. Think about it: feeling the coziness of a soft and oversized hoodie while looking edgy and chic af. Talk about look good, feel good in literal form.

Shop my fave oversized hoodies below! How do you like to style your oversized hoodies?


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